Pensions Act Debriefing

26th September 2011

Perhaps one of the most important subjects for officers and the general public is that of Government of Montserrat’s new Pensions Act which came into effect on June 1st of this year. The reform of the Pensions Act will make for a more sustainable pension scheme. In an effort to sensitize the service on the […]

The Second Phase of the Leadership Development Programme

6th September 2011

Government of Montserrat has begun the 2nd phase of the Leadership Development Programme spearheaded by Ms. Marjoleine Hulshof, a certified Leadership Development Coach. The Leadership Development Programme is designed to equip senior managers and leaders throughout the Service with the skills, knowledge and behaviors to manage officers and resources strategically. It will allow for an […]

Restructuring Exercises Across Government of Montserrat

30th August 2011

Over the past few months Government of Montserrat has undertaken a restructuring exercise of the Ministries and Departments that make up the Centre of Government. The reform of the Centre of Government involved repositioning the Office of the Deputy Governor, the Office of the Chief Minister, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the […]

The Public Administration Bill

26th August 2011

What is the Public Administration Bill? In considering what the Public Administration Bill is, let’s take a step back and look at General Orders. Many of you would have heard the term “General Orders”. General Orders are the rules and regulations that govern the conditions of service of public officers and provide instructions for the […]

The Human Resource Information System

22nd July 2011

What is the Human Resource Information System? The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a central automated HR information tool that manages the data of employees and applicants such as Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Performance Management, Disciplinary Procedures, Grievance Procedures and Leave Administration. What is the purpose of the HRIS and what will […]

First Quarter Progress Review

22nd July 2011

We have come to the end of the first quarter of our new financial year. What an opportune time to review the progress that has been made in the reform programme from the beginning of the new financial year—which was in April—to date. We are proud to announce that we have made significant strides towards […]

Leadership Development Programme

30th June 2011

As part of its ongoing modernization process and the rebuilding of the Montserratian economy, Government of Montserrat has initiated reforms within the public sector to improve the delivery of services to the citizens and to serve as a platform for the development of our economy. The plan of action emphasizes the need to strengthen the […]

Public Service Brief Presentations

19th May 2011

The PowerPoint Presentations of the Core Management Team at the 2011 Public Service Brief is available for download. Additionally, the Video Presentation is available for viewing on the G Drive. nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me Officers are encouraged to peruse both material. Public Service Brief Presentations

New Approach in Service Delivery

27th April 2011

The Office of the Deputy Governor has taken a different approach in its service delivery and has undertaken a third review of the departments under its umbrella. This has resulted in the abolishment of the Public Service Reform Unit and the Performance Management and Development Unit. This decision supports the new approach for the implementation […]

Change of Service Location

8th February 2011

The following is an important notice from the Office of the Deputy Governor. As part of the restructuring of the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG), all HR functions of the Performance Management and Development Unit and the Public Service Reform Unit have been integrated into the Human Resources Management Unit (HRMU). In order to […]