The Second Phase of the Leadership Development Programme

6th September, 2011

Government of Montserrat has begun the 2nd phase of the Leadership Development Programme spearheaded by Ms. Marjoleine Hulshof, a certified Leadership Development Coach.

The Leadership Development Programme is designed to equip senior managers and leaders throughout the Service with the skills, knowledge and behaviors to manage officers and resources strategically. It will allow for an accelerated building up of leadership capacity among those who will carry the principal responsibility for the success of the Public Service Management System.

Twenty four Senior Managers were selected to undergo the first round of the Leadership Development Programme which was jumpstarted on September 12th, 2011 with a session aimed at developing a shared language and leadership module; and defining what it means to be a leader and manager within Government of Montserrat. nfl jerseys ranked custom 2

Each manager will undergo a 360° Evaluation, which looks at the assessments made by peers, subordinates, managers, customers and also a self-assessment. It is duly noted, that the 360° Evaluation is not a management performance assessment, but rather an assessment of leadership potential and effectiveness. It is based on the Leadership Circle framework, monster beats apple accessories which is a state of the art tool for leadership development that was developed in the United States and is used across the world, both in the public and private sectors.

On completion of the 360° Evaluation, each manager will undergo a one-on-one debriefing and coaching session with Ms. Hulshof, where they will be given an Individual Profile which looks at their leadership styles and patterns. Managers will have a clearer understanding of their strengths and explore areas for development. Group work will coincide with individual sessions, to encourage peer counseling and coaching. michael kors card holder c 1004

It is expected that the Leadership Development Programme will foster greater synergies among managers, officers and customers, which will in turn lend to a less stressful work environment and improved morale. Managers will be able to sustain the momentum of reform. This is vital as transformation is continuous and without leadership and morale, organizations become tired and suffer from reform fatigue..