Restructuring Exercises Across Government of Montserrat

30th August, 2011

Over the past few months Government of Montserrat has undertaken a restructuring exercise of the Ministries and Departments that make up the Centre of Government. The reform of the Centre of Government involved repositioning the Office of the Deputy Governor, the Office of the Chief Minister, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Ministry of Finance.

The Office of the Deputy Governor was reorganized to effectively manage the public service and other responsibilities delegated by His Excellency, the Governor or assigned under the new Constitution. We are pleased to inform that the new organizational structures to establish the Office of the Premier, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management have been approved.

Here are some highlights of the Centre of Government Restructuring:

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  • The Office of the Chief Minister will be renamed Office of the Premier and will focus on protocol, regional and international affairs, trade and tourism.
  • The Ministry of Finance has been expanded to include the Economic Management functions and Statistics, and is now renamed the Ministry Finance and Economic Management
  • A Cabinet Secretariat has been created and will be responsible for national planning, policy coordination, control and management of information services, and the dissemination of government information and broadcasting.

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Now that the Centre of Government’s new structure has been approved, what else can the public expect?

In July a decision was made on the new structure for the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services (MCRS). The names of many of the positions have been changed to better reflect the job functions. In the coming months after we have completed the internal resourcing exercise, the new job titles will be communicated.

The organizational review for the Office of the Auditor General was completed and at the stage for approval.

Additionally, an organizational review of the Ministry of Agriculture, moncler callis c Lands, Housing and the Environment (MALHE) has begun. The first step undertaken was an assessment of the organization by soliciting feedback from officers and customers.

An Organisational Review is a process of aligning and strengthening Government Ministries and departments to effectively undertake their strategic objectives.  As we move forward with the organizational reviews across government, we will continue to seek your feedback and encourage you to  let us know how we can create a better service experience for you..