The Public Administration Bill

26th August, 2011

What is the Public Administration Bill?

In considering what the Public Administration Bill is, let’s take a step back and look at General Orders. Many of you would have heard the term “General Orders”. General Orders are the rules and regulations that govern the conditions of service of public officers and provide instructions for the conduct of public business and officers and related matters.  It was last revised in 1986, and so, many of its practices are considered outdated. One of the short falls of General Orders was that it was not embedded in any legislation.  There were no public service legislation that specifically addressed a public officer’s conditions of service and conduct. The Public Administration Bill is introduced as part of the reforms of our Human Resources legislation and will provide that legal footing.  In essence, the Public Administration Bill is the umbrella legislation for the General Orders. moncler arriette aspen


The Public Administration Bill will become the Public Administration Act once passed in the Legislative Council and assented by the Governor. It will provide information on:

The  structure of the Public Service, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Duties, Responsibilities and Power of the Deputy Governor, Performance Management, and the Role and Functions of the Public Service Commission.

The first draft of the Public Administration bill has been developed and consultation with Heads of Department in reviewing the draft was held on 29 July 2011.

The next phase is the development of the regulations which provide detail guidance on the administering of the Public Administration Bill. Work has already been done on this with the revision of the General Orders in 2009, which was made possible with support from the fashion styles Government of the Cayman Islands and in consultation across the service. This revised General Orders will be further reviewed to be aligned with the Public Administration Bill to form the new Public Service Regulations. nfl jerseys cowboys color rush


What is the difference between the ACT and the Regulations?

Consider an officer who has committed misconduct; the legislation; which is the Public Service ACT, informs the implication of the misconduct, that is, what should happen to the officer; whilst the regulations outline detailed steps for addressing a misconduct and as such serves as a guide for Heads  of Department and Officers.


So where do we go from here?

Consultation on the draft Bill will continue with as many stakeholders as possible to reflect the contribution of a cross-section of the community, before submitting to Legislative Council. nfl jerseys elite vs limited el paso  In conjunction with the work being done on the Public Administration Bill, an experienced consultant was contracted to develop the regulations that will support the new legislation. It is duly noted that the Public Administration Bill is in compliance with our new constitution.


How will you, the public, benefit from the Public Administration Act?

With the adherence to the new Public Administration ACT, over a period of time, you are expected to benefit from a higher standard of service delivery from public officers and an improved level of professionalism in the execution of government services..