The Human Resource Information System

22nd July, 2011

What is the Human Resource Information System?

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a central automated HR information tool that manages the data of employees and applicants such as Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Performance Management, Disciplinary Procedures, Grievance Procedures and Leave Administration.

What is the purpose of the HRIS and what will be its function?

The HRIS supports the Government of Montserrat in improving data accuracy and information as it relates to its workforce and future HR planning. michael-kors-backpack-wallet It creates an improved means of aligning the Government’s human resources to its policy priorities and assists with our thrust towards modernization. It will provide data for informing and strengthening line management capabilities in people management. Overall, Government would have better knowledge of its HR costs, numbers and skill-set for future manpower planning, succession planning, and decision making in managing the size of its public service and be able to better ensure that the human resources are fit for purpose. The automated HRIS will enable Government of Montserrat to maintain vital organizational data in an organized manner.

How will the system benefit you, the Public? ugg outlet cabazon coupon 2017

There are several benefits to be derived from the HRIS System. For example, whenever you apply for a job in Government, you will be better able to know where we are in the recruitment process in a timely manner. Individuals who have worked for the Government, will take pleasure in knowing that key information during the years of employment, such as training received, promotions and performance, have been captured from their first day of work to retirement. Government of Montserrat would be better able to report to you with accurate and timely information on issues such as the skillset and health of the organization. ugg outlet return policy ct Reporting and accountability is made easier.

So where are we now with the implementation of the Human Resource Information System?

The staff of the Human Resources Management Unit is currently undergoing training on how to utilize the system.  A selection was made on the pilot department and population of that department’s information will begin shortly. This will serve as a trial run to check for accuracy and ensure that the system is fit for use.  Thereafter, the information of all of the officers—from their first day of employment to date—for all other ministries and departments will be populated in the system. An HR Consultant is currently being recruited  to assist with the implementation of the HRIS System..