First Quarter Progress Review

22nd July, 2011

We have come to the end of the first quarter of our new financial year. What an opportune time to review the progress that has been made in the reform programme from the beginning of the new financial year—which was in April—to date. We are proud to announce that we have made significant strides towards attaining our goals in the areas of Policy & Strategic Management, Improved Service Delivery, Public Finance & Economic Management, and Human Resource Management and Development. 

Having a strengthened institutional framework for policy and public service management is one of Government of Montserrat’s main objectives.  For this to happen our new constitution must be implemented effectively, the roles and responsibilities for policy management, and performance management must be streamlined. Government of Montserrat must have a strong and qualified senior management team that provides strategic leadership; and comprehensive and unified performance management and reporting systems must be in place to provide regular reports on which to base future decision making. monster beats flipkart from china  

In these regards, for the first quarter we have managed to develop a detailed workplan for implementing the new constitution and were able to contract technical support. An Interim Director was instated in the Constitutional Secretariat, alongside a consultant to provide legal support. An organizational review of the roles and functions of Centre of Government was undertaken, and a new structure of the Office of the Premier was proposed and discussed with all key stakeholders. In an effort to strengthen the capacity of the Core Management Team, a senior management forum was launched in March of this year, and is held bimonthly. The first quarter also saw the rolling out of a Leadership Development Programme geared at mentoring and coaching Senior Managers. Additionally, the Performance Management Working Group is operational and the Performance Management Database System was designed and tested in light of the fact that the new Cabinet Secretariat structure supports central Performance Management monitoring and evaluation. The final works to ensure that the system is web based is being undertaken.

Effective and efficient organizational structures are key to ensuring that Government of Montserrat experiences an improvement in Service Delivery. ugg outlet geelong gilroy To this end, organizational structures must be properly aligned with roles and functions to provide a basis for streamlined services. This is why for the first quarter we have placed emphasis on reviewing and revising the high level structure of Government of Montserrat in relation to the Public Service Management System and agreed role and functions of government. So far, we have conducted a Centre of Government Organisational Review for the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Office of the Chief Minister. We have also proposed and costed the new structure and have already submitted it for approval. Other Organisational Reviews have commenced including ones for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment and Office of the Auditor General.  We have also started working on the new structure of the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services.

Much work has been done in the area of Public Finance and Economic Management to include the passing of the pension legislation in May 2011.

Let’s consider some of the accomplishments in the areas of Human Resources Management and Development for the first quarter.  Work continued on the Draft Public Administration Bill. nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me All departments received training and guidance in conducting staff performance reviews and in developing annual workplans. We have begun our annual performance appraisals across the ministries.  A personal development plan was adopted for new recruits at middle and senior management levels. Government of Montserrat’s first Public Service Brief was held in May. Officers were informed about issues and plans for the service and had an opportunity to share their views and concerns. This quarter saw the rollout of InSync—a monthly one page publication aimed at improving staff engagement. The first draft of the Job grading exercise was also completed.

Additionally you would have recalled that the Montserrat Postal Services merger and  PWD Workshop Restructuring Project  has begun.

Indeed, Government of Montserrat is making huge strides towards attaining its goal. We commend Public Officers for their diligence and hard work in ascertaining all of these accomplishments for the first quarter..