Leadership Development Programme

30th June, 2011

As part of its ongoing modernization process and the rebuilding of the Montserratian economy, Government of Montserrat has initiated reforms within the public sector to improve the delivery of services to the citizens and to serve as a platform for the development of our economy. The plan of action emphasizes the need to strengthen the human resource management and development function and ensure that it effectively enables improved performance in service delivery. To this end, capacity building within management is critical.

Consequently a Leadership Development Programme was designed to equip senior managers and leaders throughout the Service with the skills, moncler beanie boots mens knowledge and behaviors to manage officers and resources strategically. The Leadership Development Programme will allow an accelerated building up of leadership capacity among those who will carry the principal responsibility for the success of the Public Service Management System.

There will be greater synergies among managers, officers and customers, which in turn lends to a less stressful work environment and improved morale. Managers will be able to sustain the momentum of reform. nfl jerseys game vs elite green bay This is vital as transformation is continuous and without leadership and morale, organizations become tired and suffer from reform fatigue.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Jacqui Wilson, former Director of the Governance and Institutional Development Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat led discussions on a Leadership and Mentorship Strategy with the Core Management Team. moncler craig green coat sale  This month saw the beginning of the Leadership Development Programme—which was jumpstarted by a weeklong workshop.   One on one interventions with each member of the Core Management Team is in the pipeline..