New Approach in Service Delivery

27th April, 2011

The Office of the Deputy Governor has taken a different approach in its service delivery and has undertaken a third review of the departments under its umbrella. This has resulted in the abolishment of the Public Service Reform Unit and the Performance Management and Development Unit. This decision supports the new approach for the implementation of phase 2 of the reform programme and the implementation of the Human Resource Management and Development Strategy aimed at supporting a modernized, efficient and performance driven organization, improving processes, and systems in order to provide a modern and efficient hr service to the Government of Montserrat.

Under Phase 2 of the reform programme, the capacity building and implementation of reforms will be effected from the departments that are responsible for the core areas of the services to be improved. This will help to strengthen capacity building within the departments, whereas in the past, the technical competencies for all reforms were developed mostly in the Public Service Reform Unit. moncler barbel brand

The implementation of the new structure to support the HR strategy has begun: early February, 5 officers have taken up post within the new structure which is tailored to place HR as an effective contributor to the broader modernization goals. There are six key areas which the Human Resource Management Function will be responsible for these are:

  1. Improving HR processes and systems, which is aimed at ensuring that our transactional processes are delivered efficiently and that we provide an effective framework for managing employee issues
  2. Organizational Development; which is focused on improving our ability to manage change effectively and being able to design appropriate organizations that are fit for purpose, aligned with Government of Montserrat’s vision/priorities.
  3. Remuneration and benefits; ensuring that we have a fair and transparent remuneration strategy that ensures that all employees are paid fairly, and recognized for high performance
  4.  Performance Management; ensuring that staff are equipped to carry out their roles effectively and develop to their full potential
  5. Employee engagement; acknowledging the value of employee involvement, ugg outlet denver co dfo encouraging employees to communicate and get involved in implementing improvements; and
  6. Learning and Development; providing development interventions across government to ensure that employees have the capability to deliver the requirements of their current and future roles.

Work has already begun in the improvements of processes and systems. A scoping design for the Human Resource Information System ( HRIS),has been developed by Smart Solutions who undertook a scoping visit in December, 2010. The implementation of the personnel Women’s Fashion Boutique Cute Outfits module on the current Smart Stream system will improve data collection, which is critical for reporting and decision-making on human resource management issues. michael kors c 912 diaper bag Scoping work has already been undertaken for the leadership development training and work continues on finalizing the drafting of the Public Service act, Procedures manual, and the employment bill.

A number of other reforms have also been undertaking, work on the Chart of Accounts for applying the financial aspects to the MTEF process has begun and Ministry Strategic Plans are near completion. The development of a whole of government system to monitor the performance of government is also progressing..