Change of Service Location

8th February, 2011

The following is an important notice from the Office of the Deputy Governor.

As part of the restructuring of the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG), all HR functions of the Performance Management and Development Unit and the Public Service Reform Unit have been integrated into the Human Resources Management Unit (HRMU).

In order to realize the benefits of this initiative, all matters of Human Resources Management will now operate out of the Administration Building located at Government Headquarters. All Consular and Corporate Services will be moved to Office of the Deputy Governor, moncler down dress Headquarters at #3 Farara Plaza.

For Consular Services such as Passports, Ceremonials, Naturalization, Registration, Permanent Residency and Marriage Licenses, a michael kors watch purse go to the ODG Headquarters at #3 Farara Plaza just opposite the Legislature Office or down stairs The Chambers of Lawyer David Brandt.

For all human resource services such as recruitment, training, staff development, Performance & Remuneration visit the Administration Building at Government Headquarters.

The coordination of the public service reform will also be undertaken from the Adminsitration Building at Government Headquarters. nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me

Should you require further information,, please feel free to call 491-6524 or 491 2365.

This was an important announcement from the Office of the Deputy Governor.