The Public Service Modernisation Phase II (PSR2)

25th January, 2011

The year 2011 will be an exciting time. One of the reasons is because it will be the year where we see the rollout of the Public Service Modernisation Phase II (PSR 2).

The starting point for PSR 2 is the work undertaken over the last three years as part of Phase 1. That phase established some of the basic foundations necessary for a modern, efficient and effective public service in Montserrat. 

Overview of PSR 2

Responsibility for delivery of PSR 2 will rest with the Deputy Governor. PSR coordination will be assigned to the Organizational Development function under the new Human Resource Department structure and will include responsibility for;

  • Planning modernisation activities on the basis of current priorities and to maximise impact
  • Progress monitoring and performance review – regularly reviewing progress and impact, providing performance reports and making recommendations for change if necessary
  • Communication and change management – ensuring that stakeholders are fully informed and assessing whether the necessary culture and behaviour change is taking place
  • Overview of capacity building – taking a public service wide view of capacity building needs, activities and requirements. michael kors darci watch diamond watch  

Responsibility for delivery of the individual components and technical activities will be assigned to relevant stakeholders in GoM.

Components of PSR 2

PSR 2 will have four (4) components, one of which is Policy and Strategic Management. The objective of Component 1  is to improve policy management, planning, resource allocation, monitoring, and information provision so that accountability is clear, spending is transparent and resources are demonstrably focused on core functions and key development priorities, and achieve planned results. nfl jerseys cheap china . Implementation of this component has already begun with the introduction of the MTEF.

Component 2 is Improved Service Delivery. This promotes the delivery of measurable improvements in the quality, impact, relevance and timeliness of services to all citizens.

Public Financial and Economic Management (PFEM) is at the heart of Component 3. The improvement of PFEM policies, capacities and outcomes to support economic and social development is crucial.

The fourth and final component is Human Resource Management and Development. The objective of this component is to ensure that the needs of Government of Montserrat’s Human Resource Management are accurately defined and substantially met. michael kors cologne clothing

The Office of the Deputy Governor is committed to ensuring that the goal of PSR2 is realized.

Goal of PSR2

“To develop an efficient, responsive and accountable system of governance and public service”
This supports SDP Governance Strategic Objective 4.

Purpose of PSR2

“To modernize public administration into a performance-based service, delivering high quality, timely, cost-efficient and customer-friendly services”.