Change Management Training in Cayman Islands Prove to be Insightful

1st June, 2010

Miss Sherylene Dyer, Assistant Secretary, Change and Communications at the Public Service Reform Unit attended a Change Management Workshop in Grand Cayman on May 17th – 19th. The purpose of the trip was to have one-on-one sessions with key officers in the Portfolio of the Civil Service in an effort to become more abreast with some of their reform initiatives while paying keen attention to their communication strategies. With the rollout of Montserrat’s new Constitution around the corner, the training received will prove invaluable since Cayman Islands has recently rolled out their new Constitution.

In her statement Miss Dyer noted “The training in Cayman Islands was not only very informative, michael kors dresses duffle bag but helpful. I now have a greater appreciation for all the planning and consultations that must take place even before a reform is rolled out. I learned that any reform that does not create resistance from the masses is not challenging enough, and that resistance is actually a good sign. I learned several creative ways to inform the public about initiatives—not only the public but also public officers. I was particularly intrigued by the online training programme that they are working on instituting. I really do advise that we introduce a similar programme. michael kors crossbody sunglasses   It will be beneficial on many different fronts. It will save time, money, and ensure that as many public servants as possible are exposed to important material”.

Miss Dyer was part of a delegation who accompanied the Honourable Deputy Governor, Mrs. Sarita Francis to the Cayman Islands. monster beats vs urbeats speaker   Mrs. Christobel Daniel, Personal Assistant to the Deputy Governor was also part of the delegation...