PMS Training for Appraisers Deemed a Success

22nd March, 2010

March 8th, 2010 began a series of training in the Performance Management System geared towards appraisers. The training spanned a period of six (6) days with each supervisor undergoing two (2) half day sessions of in depth training which covered three (3) modules.

Module 1 of the Appraiser Training Workshop was Introduction to the Performance Management System. In this module appraisers learned the principles of the Performance Management and Development System, moncler belt bomber their roles and responsibilities as appraisers, and the benefits of the system, just to name a few. The appraiser’s role in work planning was the highlight of Module 2. Planning and managing the process, monster beats facebook frequency response drawing up outputs and measures, and personal development were taught in this module. Module 3 encompassed The Appraiser’s Skills in Monitoring and Evaluation and underscored the importance of consistently monitoring and giving regular feedback to officers.

The training was facilitated by 2 – 3 Focal Point Officers (FPO’s). FPO’s are officers from varying departments throughout the Service who received a week long intense training in the Performance Management System in January, monster beats canada china and who were tasked with training appraisers and appraisees in the fundamentals of the system.

One Supervisor wrote, “This training has enlightened me and awakened my awareness to the responsibilities of an appraiser. I was also grateful to learn of the benefits of the Performance Management System”.. nfl jerseys cheap authentic dhgate <